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Sewon Roy Kim appointed as 2023 Design Innovation Fellow & Assistant Research Professor

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Everyday Ganvie Receives AMP Award

Sewon Roy Kim ganvie
Sewon Roy Kim ganvieSewon Roy Kim ganvie

Nomads Against Digitized Nomads

Narratives on Everyday Simulacrums

Sewon Roy Kim speculators

Seoul's Distorted Modernism

Speculators of Heterotopia


Ontological Theater for Karen Barad Enacted Cross-Disciplinary Design Thinking Against the Binaries

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Proposal for New Creativity Lab at Yale University Featured in Maquette Journal

How do we construct image and identity?

thoughts and installations on masked spatial connotations


Everyday Ganvie

Space-making tool for a community


Nomads Against the Digitized Nomads Featured in Guggenheim Bilbao


Ambiance of Immutable Mobiles Exhibited at Yale Center for Collaborative Arts and Media


Two By Two Featured in Seoul Architecture Festival


E!Munity Recognized by the Ministry of Environment

Sewon Roy Kim E!Munity

Teaching Design

Amplification of minute vibrations

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Sewon Roy Kim is a co-founder of Studio Serok and an Assistant Research Professor of Architecture at Ball State University. His work is interdisciplinary, located at the intersection of architecture, art, and technology. He holds a Master of Architecture from Yale University, where he received distinction as the H.I. Feldman Nominee and The 1984 Drawing Prize Recipient. Prior to his current position, he taught at the AA School of Architecture and practiced in XPIRAL, Ábalos + Sentkiewicz, and Magicarch Architecture. His recent works were exhibited in Guggenheim Bilbao, SAF, and Yale CCAM.

Nomads Against
Digitized Nomads

Space-time becomes an extension of your body and your movements.

This vehicle is never designed from another's head.

Design is just a sequence of temporal operations called your dance.

Ambiance of
Immutable Mobiles

Screen is also a space-time, just like the place A and B that it was assigned to mediate or measure



Exhibited in Guggenheim Bilbao

AMP Award 2023

Exhibited in SSU SoAR

Exhibited in Yale CCAM

Ontological Theater

Exhibited in Yale CCAM

Two By Two

Exhibited in SAF

Ministry of Environment Silver Medal

ALL Projcts
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Sewon's work was recently exhibited in Guggenheim Bilbao MOTION. AUTOS, ART, ARCHITECTURE

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