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2014 AA Student Works


Photos During the Course

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Studio Dynamics

Featured Lecture

Teaching origami
and projection mapping as a
thinking tool for design

Summer Unit #5, AA School 2014

Teaching Team:
Maria Jose Marcos, Javier Pena Galiano, Gorka Blas &
Sewon Roy Kim

Student Works

AA Conversations

Sewon Roy Kim | AA School Assistant Tutor
Sewon Roy Kim | AA School Assistant Tutor

Architectural Association School of Architecture. Summer School 2014.  
Director: Natasha Sandmeier.  

Unit #5 Tutors: Javier Pena Galiano, Maria Jose Marcos.  
Unit #5 Assistant Tutors: Sewon Roy Kim, Gorka Blas.  

Unit #5 Students:
Alejandra Esteve Cortes, Sixuan Li, Manisha Singh, Caglal Ecem Behlam, Asena Sozlu, Nico-Tando Trunz, Shneya Bedi, Nadiha Ali, Lingyun Qian, Tsz Tat Lam, Daniel Palop Ferrando, Lingge Yang Ibrahim Muasher.

Sewon Roy Kim has taught in the

AA School of Architecture in 2014

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