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The Decorative Time

Corbusier's architectural promenade inscribes curated subjects on a spatio-temporal pathway

that deciphers the cartesian logic of the modulor to modern conceptions of space-time. This

architectural "device" is reduced as a representational sign on the Unité d'habitation's facade,

connoting the "symbolic order" of Cubist's plastic delineation of time. Unlike the promenade, this

signage of temporality is unstirred by the subject's orientation nor its context. In a sense, the

self-referential aspect of Unité's facade hints to a contradiction that later becomes a hegemonic

grammar in both post-modern and contemporary production of signs, thus interpretants.

Featured in Retrospecta 45


Sewon's work will soon be exhibited in Guggenheim Bilbao as part of the MOTION. AUTOS, ART, ARCHITECTURE

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